Thursday, March 13, 2008

Acquisition: Trade w/The Cardboard Junkie

Don't you think it's time I updated this thing? Yeah, me too.

I made my first acquisition of 2001 D'Russ cards since establishing this blog, a trade with The Cardboard Junkie. I sent him:

2006 Bowman Chrome Draft Picks & Prospects #DP81: Dustin Evans
2007 Upper Deck Goudey Gamer Used: Andruw Jones
2003 Bowman Heritage Diamond Cuts: Gary Sheffield
2002 Topps 206 Framed Relic: Chipper Jones
2005 Studio Private Signings: Johnny Estrada (#/50)

I received:

2001 Donruss: 153 173 193
"2000" Retro: 2 55 82
"1999" Retro: 2 8 31 37 41 47 48 54 56 66
Diamond Kings: 8
Donruss The Rookies Expired Redemption Card

(And he also threw in a few 2008 Upper Deck commons.)

The three 2001 cards are all from the Rated Rookies subset and are all numbered to 2001 copies. Card #153 is of "Brewers" pitcher Gene Altman. I put Brewers in quotes because, although Mr. Altman is pictured in a Milwaukee uniform, he never threw a pitch for them. Or for any other Major League team for that matter. In fact, he's been out of baseball for the last five years. Can you imagine putting down your $100 for a box of this stuff, and the one-per-box Rated Rookie you get is Gene Altman? Now you know why I hate this product.

At least Steve Lomasney (card #173) made it to The Show. He played one game for the Red Sox in '99, and has been kicking about the International League ever since.

Alright we're 0-for-2 on these Rated Rookies. #193 is of an actual bona-fide super star player: Alfonso Soriano. But here again, Donruss fucks up by including a gimmicked "rookie" of a player whose true-RC had been released in 1999.

Card #82 of the "2000" Retro set is, of course, the infamous C.C. Sabathia card -- a card that was initially pulled from the set. The Junkie says that he received it a few years ago directly from Donruss when he sent in another card.

Carsten Charles was pulled from the set after the Indians removed him from their 40-man roster. His "2000" Rated Rookie was replaced by a redemption good for a card of Ichiro Suzuki -- who played the 2000 season in Japan. As you can see, only 500 copies of this card were made as opposed to 2000 for the other "2000" Rated Rookies. It should also be noted that the serial numbering area lacks the "Bang" that was standard for most Donruss numbered cards.

Amongst the other fake cards I received were "2000s" of A-Rod and Jeff Kent and "1999s" of NOE-MAH!!! Barry Larkin, Jeromy Burnitz, Will Clark, Kenny Lofton, Brian Giles, Paul O'Neill, Moises Alou, Ray Lankford and Juan Gonzalez. The Junkie also threw in a few fake "2000s" that I already had, just for good measure.

He also sent me an expired Donruss The Rookies redemption card and a Diamond King insert of Roger Clemens.

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